Friday, February 19, 2010

Life is journey full of all kinds of twists and turns many of which we do not foresee... suffering,we find, comes to all of us at some point in our matter who we are It is both unpredictable and unavoidable. But the longer I live, the more I see that it is not what comes to us in this life that determines who we go on to become but rather what we do with what comes to us that determines our trajectory, the course of our destiny,and the depth of our character. The following poem was written in a moment of darkness. But, how grateful I am for the darkness; it has made me strong.

Encircled by the Light

Encircled by a force of light
Sheltered in a hand of might
No evil filters through to me
But what is given that to be
A testing ground to make me grow
A proving place that I might show
To all the unseen worldly guests
My faith is not because I am blessed
But rather it’s a constant choice
To turn from self and still rejoice
When all about me falls apart
And Satan sends his fiery darts
When all is lost and black’s the night
When trouble comes to block my sight
I’ll reach my hands up to the sky
And break the silence with my cry
Then he will brush away my tears
Soothe my soul and calm my fears
Much stronger then, yes, I will be
And then these warriors too will see
That though their ruler rules the night
I stand encircled by the light.
Dana M. Seale