Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Light to Man

One of the great joys in my life is seeing God. And, I do. Everywhere!

Light to Man

You’ve sketched your name across the sky
In letters that defy the eye.
You’ve carved your love on every tree,
Despite the fact that man can’t see.
For in every flower there’s a clue
Of who you are and what you do.
Through every bird that takes its wing
And every warbler taught to sing,
You show the world how much you care,
That love is penned upon the air.
Yet eyes of man remain so blind,
In all the truth he seeks to find.
Why is it that he does not know
That sunsets don’t just happen so?
That butterflies can’t take their wing
Apart from thought built into Spring.
Every house must have a plan,
Then, how much more the mind of man?
What is this veil that clothes the eyes?
And changes truth to look like lies?
How is it that he looks so hard
To find his worth and earn reward?
Yet, hidden in the depths of sin
Is all that blinds the truth from him.
For selfishness has laid the curse
And made the darkness all the worse.
So, what can change this plight of man
That death and doom hold in their hand?
The artist of the dancing stars?
Can he remove these hidden bars?
The author of the whale’s sweet song
Can he undo this course of wrong?
The one who causes wintry nights
To craft the stage for northern lights?
Yes…he’s the one to tear the veil
And make the dark of dark to pale,
To penetrate the heart of man
With light that so reveals the plan.
And, he’s the one to right the wrong
Then sing back into man the song.
For he’s the only one who can,
Bring man to light and light to man.

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