Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Spell Breaker

Some truths are timeless, I find that this is one of them.


An abyss of eternal span
Is centered in the dark of man.
It haunts his soul and echoes through
The wall-less wall and view-less view.

It taunts the very core of him
Until he fills the pit with sin
And then, it echoes louder still
Appealing to his heart and will.

But nothing of a mortal span
Can fill the dark that lurks in man.
For man can not so break the spell
That’s bound his soul down into hell.

And yet a blade that rips the night
Is wielded by the prince of light
Who knows no fear of mortal chains
Nor cowers from the dark domains.

For he has written life on death
And placed in man eternal breath
And in the hollow of the span
Has spoken truth back into man.

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