Thursday, June 9, 2016

Baby Breyl

Baby Breyl

I treasure her….
 My first grand love…
She is soft and new and whole and good.
                                                   Her lips lap her mother’s nipple
Drinking of milk and sustenance and the very essence of life
 But also
Tender love.  Holy Love.  A mother’s love.
They are both innocent as they start this journey together…

Tiny fingers pull up into large hands
Hands weathered by time,
Weathered by experience,
.Old Dan tucker… melodically rings through the air
 She glides through
My husband’s well worn knees and bounces up again.
An ancient ritual her mother has known her whole life…..  now circles back.

I hug her closely to my breast
Dancing with her as I sing.
Hearts pounding in sync.
Souls entwining.
My little lamb and I 
Float across the floor together
Gliding, circling, celebrating....
Euphoria in full bloom......

Dana Mc Daniel Seale
Manhattan, NY
October 2012

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