Thursday, June 9, 2016

Two Become One

Becoming One

I inhale the breeze as it blows through me…
Sipping, cleansing, renewing my soul.
Drinking in the raw joy of simplicity
Life slips past me as I study the waves----
Tumbling, rolling, harvesting
Sea glass, sand dollars,
Fragments of conch
And delicate china from the sea.
I am lost
in the wind
and the water
and sand
and sun…..
Healing seeps into the core of me, the soul of me, the timeless spirit of me.
I stumble upon
The skeletons of two trees that have rolled ashore together at high tide.
Their long skinny torsos are welded together at the roots.
They tell a story….
even in their death…
of a life so tightly woven at the foundation
That even now, though they breathe no more,
The winds, the waves, and the storms have not been able to separate them.
Two unique trees united by their need
To survive,
To draw from the soil they shared
To dig deep
And to hold tight when the winds of life threatened them.
So woven are the roots into one enormous ball that the tale of their lives
Is an easy one to decipher.
Every spring was celebrated together.
Every storm was fought as one.
Winters were survived at each other’s side
Wind breaks and shades were gifts they gave to one other.
So unified
So separate
So interwoven
So independent
Large roots, skinny roots, curly roots, straight roots, long roots, short roots…
A thousand stories weave together…
To become one.

Dana McDaniel Seale

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