Thursday, June 9, 2016

Path to Life

Path to Life

There is a way that is filled with glory and fame
Paved with shine and glitz
But I say to you
The alley of humility…
With the stench of poverty
The hopelessness of cravings that never go away
The isolation of loneliness
The fear of rejection
Lean in.
Hear the stories.
Tell  your own….
Walk with them,
Heart to heart
Shoulder to shoulder
Hold the light high for their paths
Love them.
Serve them. 
And then gently, ever so gently,
Lead them
Out of their prisons.
Out of their desperations
Out of their dead end paths.
Welcome them
Into a kingdom of love
Into a family that cares
Into eternal hope.
And then know that you have done
What you have come to do
This is the everlasting path
That leads to life.
This is the road back home.

Dana McDaniel Seale

September 15, 2015

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